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Most Popular Three-wheeler Commercial Vehicle in Compatible Cost

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3 Wheelers are crucial vehicles in the Indian automobile sector that are used for traveling and for goods transportation in the city. 

Nowadays, we can see many types of three-wheeler models on the roads performing well; some are either the electric three-wheeler (E-Rickshaw) or the Diesel three-wheeler tempos (Auto). 

The main advantages of three-wheelers cargo vehicles are that they are very pocket-friendly, their buying costs are low, they have excellent working efficiency on narrow streets, ease of operation, less- maintenance expenses, highly increased fuel mileage, etc.

The reason for so much popularity is that large automobile industries are now working on three-wheeler, and at the same time, new start-ups are also joining this industry.

Major Brands which sell 3-wheelers in India are Mahindra, Piaggio, Bajaj, ATUL, TVs, Kinetic, and Lohia Humsafar.

To know the complete price checklist, variants, Key Specs, photos, fuel consumption, and reviews, here we have prepared a list of the Most Popular Three-wheeler Commercial vehicles in the Indian market.


Top 3-Wheeler Models in India


Bajaj Compact RE


Bajaj RE - 50 Saalo Ke Sath Duniya Ki No.1 Sawari! 

Bajaj Compact Re is an inexpensive, durable, reliable auto-rickshaw/three-wheeler to meet daily business needs. It is perfect for all significant performance characteristics that help to earn high profits every day.

At the same half price as a mini truck, Compact Re can perform the same as the mini trucks.

Bajaj Compact RE (Our website link related to this model) is available with high mileage promises in many fuel options, great resale value, and low maintenance.

Bajaj Compact RE offers in 4 variants with different Gross Vehicle Weight:

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater/CNG - 708 kg

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater/Diesel - 702 kg

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater/LPG - 687 kg

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater/Petrol - 672 kg

Specifications: -

Engine Displacement - 470.5 cc

Maximum Net Power - 6.24 kW

Mileage Range - 35-40 kmpl 

Wheelbase – 2000 MM 

Colour - Eco Green, Black Yellow, Golden Yellow

Price – ₹ 2.34 - ₹ 2.36 Lakh*


Piaggio Ape City Plus


Ape City Plus is known as high performance-oriented auto-rickshaw that delivers advanced technological commercial vehicles. 

Piaggio provides best-in-class space, a smoother ride for passengers, and safety doors. 

This three-wheeled vehicle is the first choice of micro-entrepreneurs due to its powerful engine, excellent work efficiency, comfortable driving, and maximum benefit.

Piaggio Ape City Plus comes in 3 variants with different fuel options:

Piaggio Ape City Plus 3-Seater/1920/CNG - 780 kg

Piaggio Ape City Plus 3-Seater/1920/Diesel - 802 kg

Piaggio Ape City Plus 3-Seater/1920/LPG - 757 kg

Specifications: -

Displacement - 230 cc

Power - 9.9 hp

Mileage Range - 22kmpl 

Fuel Tank - 20.6/Petrol 2.8 

Wheelbase – 1920 MM 

Colour - Three

Price – ₹ 2.22 - ₹ 2.55 Lakh*


Mahindra Alfa


Mahindra Alpha as a passenger vehicle is very popular in the small commercial vehicles market, and you can see about 2 Mahindra Alpha among all three-wheelers on your local roads.

In addition to the extraordinary standards of impressive power, attractiveness, comfort, safety, and performance, it also offers you the best-in-class warranty of 24 months.

Apart from this, Mahindra Three-Wheeler is available with other auto & truck models in the market, including Mahindra Alfa Load, Mahindra Treo, and Mahindra E-Alfa mini. 

So, sit back, relax and see your business growing with Mahindra Alpha.

Mahindra Alpha is introduced with three new variants to meet all other needs.




Specifications: -

Engine - 236.2 CC

Power – 10 HP 

GVW – 672 KG 

Wheelbase – 2000 MM 

Price – ₹ 2.27 - ₹ 2.37 lakh*


Lohia Humsafar Cargo


As the company's name is "Lohia Humsafar", similarly, it reflects strength, hardness, and co-partnership in its cargo 3-wheeler vehicle.

Lohia Humsafar 3-Wheeler is designed for low -operational costs, highly advanced mobility solutions, and the highest levels of comfort for passengers.

Also, this 3-wheeler promises better mileage and high load-carrying capabilities up to 950 kg.

Lohia Humsafar is available in this category model with only one variant (1925/Diesel/BS-IV).

Specifications: -

Mileage - 36kmpl

Power – 8.1 HP 

Payload - 510 KG

Emission Norms - BS-IV 

Wheelbase – 1945 MM 

Price – ₹ 1.80 - ₹ 2.00 lakh*


Kinetic Safar Shakti


Safar Shakti ka hoga sath,Toh Business me banegi baat!

Given the need for a small business, Safar Shakti is designed in such a way that you can get customized in various utilities based on your category.

Kinetic Safar Shakti is a super convenient logistics partner that relieves you from the problem of rising fuel prices and gives high returns by providing efficiency in smooth transport.

It is a safe, complete electric cargo vehicle with its single variant "Kinetic Safar Shakti Electric/Cargo" that brings a 400 kg payloader e-loader.

Specifications: -

Range - 100

Type of Motor - BLDC Motor

Battery Capacity - Lithium-ion,4Kwh, Lead Acid,140Ah

Charging Time - 2 hrs

Power - 1 hp 

Price – From ₹ 1.50 Lakh*


Atul GEM Cargo


Atul Auto is a full-fledged three-wheeler manufacturing company that forms India's most reliable and low-cost three-wheelers.

Atul GEM Cargo is well-known for its high-performance features, a potent powertrain comprising a four-stroke, water-cooled diesel engine with a maximum power of 9hp at 598 CC. It supplies a 4-speed manual transmission.

In the three-wheeler segment, Atul also provides its other 3W models such as Atul Gem Paxx, Atul Elite Cargo, Atul Elite Plus, Atul Gem delivery van, Atul elite passenger, and Atul shakti pickup.

Atul GEM Cargo has two variants with effective GVW:

Atul GEM Cargo 2260/CNG - 1020 kg

Atul GEM Cargo 2105/Diesel - 995 kg

Specifications: -

Engine - 598

Power - 9.5 hp

Turning Radius - 2500 mm 

Fuel Tank - 10 ± 0.5 Ltr 

Wheelbase – 2105 MM 

Colour - Three

Price – From ₹ 2.66 Lakh*


TVS King 4S


One more strong player in the auto-rickshaw segment is TVS King 4S which counts as the top three-wheeler vehicle.

If we talk about the power of this vehicle, then there is no need to say that the control of this vehicle is impressive, and the fuel mileage is very high. 

To take care of the passenger and the driver's comfort, the King 4S has superior features like an ergonomic seat, a standard driver information display, and a handlebar steering for easy navigation. 

King 4S is presented in 2 variants:

TVS King 4S BS-iv Diesel/BS-IV - 385 kg

TVS King 4S BS-iv LPG/BS-IV - 385 kg

Specifications: -

Engine Displacement - 199 CC

Kerb Weight (Kgs) - 369

Gear Box - 4-Speed  

Fuel Tank - 9 Ltr

Price – From ₹ 1.35 Lakh*



This article discusses the Most Popular Three-wheeler Commercial Vehicle in Compatible Cost in India. Expectantly, now you can understand Which one of the above you like to pick for your business and your favorite ride? 


If you want information concerning trucks, tippers, pickups, three-wheeler, and more, kindly remain with The Truck and Buses!


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